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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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legally. >> that would protect them from deportation for two years. barry simms joins us in east baltimore where applications are being accepted. >> the application process started a few minutes ago. we want to show you what is going on here. this is two lines, people waiting to go in and getting processed. people started getting here around 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. volunteers helped create signs to direct those who are applying. more than three hours before, they began arriving and lining up on both sides of the street. >> this has been a wave of positive energy. and people, parents, teachers, people saying this is an amazing opportunity, what do we need to do to get in line. >> to get in line and volunteer to help. they expect to hundred young people to come here and fill out the pay board. some volunteers are filling out
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an application form. she came to the u.s. with her family when she was 9. >> this program will help me where -- work legally and i can apply for college and in-state tuition and in maryland i would love to do that. >> applicants can receive work permits and they must be between 15 and 31 and have arrived in the u.s. before they turned 16. they must not have been convicted of any serious crime and have been living in the u.s. for five years continuously. they must be in high-school or graduate or have a ged and can have served in the u.s. military. if they are accepted, deportats deferred for two years. brenda acosta is looking forward to the program. drexel will be very happy. i can have my license and a job and go to school. >> when i am done i am going to
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become a teacher. >> i've got to be a natural pass the doctor. >> these and people -- young people are the future. these are the first people who are able to come out of the shadows and say i am here, i have been doing the right thing, i want to work and give back. we want to help them do that. >> the work permits are temporar this does not get legal residency end is not part of the path to citizenship. volunteers say they will be out here thursday and again each thursday as long as there is demand. >> vice-presidential candidate paul ryan targeted president obama for foreign policy and medicare. he blasted china alleging that it steals intellectual properties and manipulate currency and charged president
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obama for being treated like a doormat by the chinese and this despite a vote that he cast against legislation to crack down on china's currency manipulation. he also continued his offensive on medicare, accusing the president of draining resources from medicare to fund his health reform law. >> 11 were killed after a helicopter crashes in afghanistan. seven of them reportedly american troops. the cause is still under investigation. the taliban spokesman said insurgents shot down the aircraft. the others who died including a civilian interpreter and three members of the afghan security forces. the crash has been deadly since march. 12 turkish soldiers were killed. 2 rudder 21 american sailors members -- 221 americans have been killed so far.
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>> they were part of the combat aviation brigade and conducted support and communications operations. they say they are proud to serve their country but they're happy to be home. >> spent time, catch up. that is it. everything has not hit me yet. >> i am thinking and praising god. we're glad to be part of it. >> this was the first overseas deployment they have been called out -- overseas deployment. they have been called out to help with other preparations. >> west nile virus has been detected in more than three states and is blamed for a dozen deaths. >> the cdc says this is shaping up to be one of the worst years
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for west nile virus since it was first detective -- detected in the country in 1999. >> is something you have to pay attention to. >> surveillance workers are collecting this data is from traps in northern virginia. it will be sent to a lab and tested for west nile virus. >> because of the hot winter, we had mosquitos with virus early in the season. >> nearly 700 cases of the virus have been detected in 43 states. the majority in mississippi, , oh, come andna hav california. 10 deaths in dallas alone where the city was conducting emergency aerial spraying. >> you have to wear an insect repellent, you have to wear long, loose fitting, light- colored clothing, you have to
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eliminate mosquito breeding sites. >> they are especially active at dawn and dusk. experts recommend try to live your time outdoors during those hours. experts say 80% of those infected with the virus will not get sick or will develop only mild symptoms but one in 150 of those infected will get seriously ill. >> an update to a story we brought you last week. according to the cdc, cases of whooping cough continue to rise. some states have declared epidemics. one has not been declared in maryland. health officials say we're in keeping with the national trend. lowell meltzer has more. >> according to recent data from the cdc, whooping cough is on an alarming rise around the country and right here in maryland. maryland health officials tell
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us they're not only concerned but are on the defensive. >> we're keeping a close eye on it. >> by the senior epidemiologist red state recent data released by the cdc showing the u.s. is on track for the worst hoping, -- whooping cough outbreak. at the end of july last year there were 56 known cases, this year, 181 and that number is expected to rise. those most at risk are infants and people who handle them. >> want to make sure people are vaccinated who have contact, such as pregnant women. we want to make sure they're protected. we want to make sure any siblings or grandparents who may take care of the infants are protected. >> protests this is passed along through -- pertussis is
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passed along through a cough. >> as far as why we are seeing the rise, the diagnosis is improving and it is possible the vaccine is waning. >> by the time they reach adolescence age, the vaccine protection is not enough to protect them against purchases. we're seeing more cases. >> if you would like to take a closer look at the findings, we have beeprovided links on our website, >> have you caught the fever? we're not talking about hoping, for west nile. there are two contagious beavers out there, ravens fever and orioles feve both teams are super hot. this is a have a dilemma for
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fans. >> they want everyone to win that has baltimore on it. the fans said go o's, hey, go ravens. >> whether it is selling gear -- >> could not be better right now. >> what is the best seller? >> the house and for the kids is the angry bird shirts. >> or selling food. >> there is more people here. >> the more week bring the crowds, the more we make money. >> the winning season has been good for business for everyone. >> good for business, great for business. it is nice to see people still coming out and caring about the orioles. now that we're getting into our first preseason home game tomorrow.
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>> they were lined up at the counter looking for some good seats. >> very excited. can wait to see the game. excited to see them play. >> i got the tickets today. >> they were -- i was in first grade the last time they were winning. >> goodbye home run. >> fans are hoping the owes will make it to the playoffs anthat is a big change from the past few years. >> there was more orioles fans than red sox fans. as long as this keeps up i am going to enjoy every single second of it. i do not know how they're doing it. i just wanted to continue. >> the poes play the red sox and play detroit in detroit plays the ravens this weekend. >> a fun time. >> some highway closers expected
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this weekend due to an event that will honor victims of 9/11. >> how police are trying to make the road safer for school buses and the kids inside them. >> a significant piece of history. something they have not done in more than five decades. more on that in start
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>> baltimore county police are
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issuing a warning for motorists to speed past school buses. this has led to a number of close calls. anyone breaking the law could face paying a fine of $580 and three points in their license. officials say they are hoping for safe returns on august 27. >> we have kids who may cross at the end, when the bus is almost ready to leave and they need to be aware of the area when the bus has stopped. >> police say they will be out in force especially in certain neighborhoods with marked and unmarked vehicles looking for violators. >> and road closures for this weekend as part of the 9/11 ride. it might want to avoid eye-95. 2000 vehicles ride from virginia to new york. the maryland transportation authority says it is to accommodate the 9/11 ride in memory of 9/11.
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the planned to leave varley tenet 7:15 a.m. and traveling through maryland to get there. the highways will be temporary closed at the ramps. that caravan is expected to leave maryland by 10:30 a.m. >> temperatures were cooler to the north and west of baltimore then we have seen for awhile. 50's as close as the western maryland mountains. it was 59 this morning at york. 63 in leicester. mchenry, deep creek lake at 49. we had 88 and into couple of degrees above the average which is sitting at 86. it is still warm and pleasant summer evening. 88 downtown.
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there is that cool air in the western maryland mountains. things will change tomorrow. a line of thunderstorms from the great lakes through the western part of the ohio valley. they're popping up along the front. even for tomorrow, pressure keeps things quiet. this front is rowling at this and you can see the bright white clouds with thunderstorms ahead. we will get into some of that cooler air for the weekend. the transition with the front that could see a few storms popping up. as early as 3 or 4:00 p.m., the western suburbs see a line of storms. by 8:00 p.m., most of the storms will be east of us. we may see a round of showers and storms between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. through the rest of the evening, the rate moves off and by saturday, leaving us with partly cloudy skies for the bulk of the weekend. the timing might be rushed through the late afternoon and get better tomorrow night into the weekend.
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the forecast tonight, clear skies and beautiful. 73 downtown. southwest wind at 5 miles per hour. a hot and humid day around 90, fuelling this afternoon storms and southwest wind at five to 10 miles per hour. watch that sky for late afternoon thunderstorms. waves of one to 2 feet. thunderstorms in amounts but after that the weekend clears up nicely and temperatures will remain comfortable in western maryland. thunderstorms afternoon into the evening and with the front moving through, you have to deal with rain in the morning on saturday. at the customer the front may not clear the area. a thunderstorm tomorrow, the best day tomorrow after -- at the beach. storms may be lingering into sunday. a tropical storm down here in the caribbean and eastern atlantic. tropical storm gordon is of
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bermuda and moving further to the east, in looks like it may be a threat to the azores in the eastern atlantic moving away from us in bermuda. a healthy tropical storm that could become a hurricane. 90 tomorrow with afternoon storms, partly cloudy and cool air. a slight risk of a shower on sunday. weekend highs in the 80's. >> this is 11 sports. >> the ribbon still like to make a habit of winning. since 2009, they have won more games in preseason than any other nfl team. they want a better looking start for their first team offense and defense. they have focused on playing faster, spread formations and increasing their total blackout. last week they went three and doubt in their first three possessions. the other area for improvement,
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run defense. they have finished in the top five in the nfl last six years in a row. several new names of the defense but the same standards and expectations apply. >> it is not a concern, you have to look away you have and say, ok, let's move on here. where do we go from here? how are we going to do this? luckily enough, we have some good young bodies around here that we feel will come along well. >> a pm kick off tomorrow night. the ribbons and the lions. we will have the call for you on wbal radio and 98 rocket 7:30 p.m. and live coverage from the field at 5 and 6:00 p.m. the orioles wrap up at the are completing a sweep of the red sox. for the first time since 1960. pete gilbert joins us now. if they can pull this off, not
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only our fans happy but the red sox nation will be in an uproar. >> what a shame that would be. the feel good story of the year continues to urlacher. -- roll on. he can play a really good defense and he has thus far delivered beautifully defensively. on a team so bad defensively he adds but he makes routine plays and wants to -- [unintelligible] not bad for a shortstop playing third base. >> i'm trying to think about it and try to play the game. i can do what i can do. i am -- i would like that next play. we will just keep playing the game right. >> playing third once again. >> the weather forecast is
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critical for all the sports events. the seven-day forecast after this.
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>> the harford county man accused of killing and cannibalizing his victim has been declared incompetent to stand trial. months after the university medical center performed a full face transplant, another group will be performing a medical miracle. those stories and more
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>> a comfortable day today. hotter and more humid tomorrow. triggering thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening hours. a protest during the afternoon and moving out as the ribbons kick things off in downtown baltimore. from 8:00 p.m. to midnight, the storms move on to the eastern shore but leading up to that, could be some strong storms. cooler on saturday, slide chances of showers redeveloping on sunday. temperatures are getting back to normal. look to mid-80's for next week. the degree or so below normal. they will clear the field if there is lightning. >> thanks for joining us.
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